November 12th, 2005

(no subject)

Where did Friday go? I think I lost it. Got home from work, took boys for a driving lesson, tried to get a nap but was woken up by a phone call from Sue who has recurrent electrical problems, went and worked on those, then took Gabe to dance class, visited E. in Brooklyn for dinner, and fell asleep. So now it's Saturday morning and I'm still here, which is not bad in and of itself, but I didn't bring the charger for my laptop and I only have a certain amount of battery left. So I'm doing this on *her* machine, for the moment, but I still have homework to do that I'll have to do on *my* machine.

My "Foundations of Study" course is supposed to teach me how to be a grad student. I'm working that out by myself, but I'm getting no help at all from the course, and am not happy with it.


Okay, so is it me, or them?

I did planning for a living for a dozen years, and the people who paid me ridiculous sums of money to do it thought I did a very good job of it. I was taught there were three parts to a plan: An objective, a schedule, and a resource plan, which in early years was called a budget.

I'm now supposed to do a Professional Development Plan for grad school. There is no help to be found on what one is or how to do one anywhere on the school website, except for two "example" PDP's. Neither one contains any of the three elements I'm looking for. If I had hired someone to do planning, and they submitted a document similar to one of these two, I might if I were feeling charitable that morning give them a chance to explain what it was before issuing them an invitation to the outside world and hiring a replacement for them.

Is there some other definition of "Plan" with which I am not familiar? Or are standards of performance in graduate psychology really that low?