November 16th, 2005

(no subject)

Okay, brain is working. Body, regretfully, is not. I'm feeling full of shallow energy; I want to go do Everything, Now, but only down to about an inch and a half. Then I fall over.

School: My History class is doing Gestalt psychology. I can do the Minimum Necessary Work easily; the *good* work, of integrating Gestalt with pattern recognition work, I could do if I had a spare week. I don't. My Foundations class wants my Professional Development Plan and my POS, which might mean Plan of Study or might mean Purpose Statement. I'll call my advisor later and see if I can get an opinion out of her.

Move: I'll finish that discussion shortly; this post isn't on the same filter.

Home: Zack protested my housekeeping this morning. I don't blame him, but I've been sick since Friday and he's been slacking. We have to have a talk about being an adult and what expectations we should have of each other as family and as household. Zack, if you read this, check your email.

Work: I've now skipped three days. Should go in tomorrow and see if I can hack it. Unless I'm kidding myself. Not sure yet.