November 17th, 2005

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Had a long conversation with Zack on the subject of "Okay, what do you do with your life?", which I'll post about shortly on the no-kids filter. Started the morning getting caught in a cop traffic-trap; this one over an oddly placed stoplight rather than a speed trap. (During morning rush hour, the sun is right behind the light, making it very difficult to see that there's a light there at all, let alone what color it is.)

Excellent conversation, though; I'll get to that next.

(no subject)

All-nighter vetoed by body. *Some* sleep, then wake up and do homework.

Boys had a great time at the munch tonight; Gabe got a music theory lesson from Ben, and then a jazz bass lesson from the bassist playing with the house band at Cafe Del' Artiste. It was *during* their performance, but Gabe turned on the cuteness and sat right up front, and was soon standing alongside the bassist discussing his performance with him while it was going on. Amazing multitasking on the part of the bassist, too.

Hello, bedzzzzz....