November 26th, 2005

(no subject)

Love and friendliness are all well and good, but I wish the wolfhound would stop sticking his nose under my hand while I'm trying to type. If your desire is to get your tailbone scratched, it does seem to work, though.

Having bits of good conversation with E, interrupted by periods where nice physical things are happening that affect my mind not at all, for which reason the mind gets bitchy until I tell it to shut up. We just had an epidemic of bowl-dropping that leaves me nearly out of ways to have cereal, and much ravioli on the floor. Managed to keep the dogs from dining on broken Corningware, with difficulty.

Time to shower, dress, and start the day over. Poly potluck at my place tomorrow at 5pm; I'll be making split pea soup to complement the weather, and the Famous Cocoa if there are enough chocoholics in the crowd. I'll go check now, to make sure I have all 25 ingredients.