November 28th, 2005

(no subject)

Done with work, ready to start the week. Feeling shaky about some major issues dealing with Dad, life, Aspieness, and grad school.

A thought: Aspergers' is an adaptive mutation, possibly responsible for the development of civilization. Look at extreme loyalty and truthfulness, and the creative side of the obsessive patterns. Most of the "bad stuff" associated with it are unpopular stress behaviors. My head-pounding bothers people, but I only pound my head when *I'm* already quite bothered. But if people aren't under stress, there aren't any stress behaviors.

I want to connect this up with the other stuff, but I"m losing coherence. Someone give me a noodge later, please.

Edit - Continuation #1:

I've spoken before about how my Dad and Mom split the world between them; he takes care of Reality and she takes care of Emotions. And how a large part of my own life is dedicated to healing the split, and learning how to deal with Emotions in Reality, and deal with Reality with passion. How to talk to *them* about this is a quandary for me.