December 11th, 2005

Lychee-cheddar pancakes

Lychee-cheddar pancakes make the boys happy. I like 'em; Estee is sensitive to flour and declined to try 'em. Damned pain in the ass to make, though. They don't "set" 'til they're almost overdone.

Estee is real big on "Non-Violent Communication." She's promised me the books so I can read up on it myself; what I can gather of it so far is that the concept they use called "violence" bears no resemblance to any such-named concept I've ever heard of. It's a good communications protocol, but it would work just as well for discussing an axe-murder.

There's some correlation here with the stuff I've been approaching through BDSM and martial arts. In case you haven't heard my favorite one-liner yet, the difference between the two is whether we hit each other all at once, or take turns.

More to stew on. Needs veggies.