January 8th, 2007

(no subject)

Okay, I'm here. Summing up a silly weekend: I think I'm once again at the point of giving up completely on organized religion. That probably means doing a better job of learning about *dis*organized religion, I suppose. Went to a reconstructionist shul on Friday night, and it was yet another group of otherwise not-unintelligent people who wanted to be spoonfed ritual as a substitute for being involved in the world they live in. Buncha uptight rich white folks who imported a black singer from the local Baptist congregation to have soul for them. I think I maybe saw a buttock twitch in the back row. Horrors!

Thing is, bodies and minds are *not* seperable. The body is the user interface. If generic-you don't get your body involved, your passion is also uninvolved and emotions can't meaningfully form.

After that, Zack and I took a bus to the *other* side of downtown, got a hotel room, faked some sleep, and went to a gathering called DorkBot, at a gallery called Machine Project. Met good people and rendezvoused with an old friend. Then Zack got the idea to go to the LA County Museum of Art to watch a film he'd read about. So we went, and the film turned out to be three hours long and in French. Zack was still interested, and Caro (the friend) is fluent in French, so they watched and I gave up trying to follow white-on-white subtitles after two hours.

We then spent eight hours trying to get home by bus. Ended up having a very protracted middle-of-the-night snack at a Dennys as a way of staying out of the chilly breeze. Chilly for LA, anyway; about 45F with about 30-knot winds.

And now I'm here in the office trying to kick-start my brain Coffeeeee....