January 20th, 2007

(no subject)

So I've got two people I want to be in contact with, both are on LJ and have IMs and telephones, and nobody's answering IMs, phones, or LJ posts. Time to go find someone else to do things with, I think.

Anybody looking to raise a family? And integrate that with a modern and technological civilization, on the one side, and an exciting mystic tradition on the other? Got a life to spare to do it? Give a holler and we'll talk about it.

(no subject)

Trying to write this is like performing a self-appendectomy. Which *has* been done, BTW, but I don't like the idea anyway.

I have a lot of thoughts, about four decades worth, on how individuals relate to families and other social entities, what kinds of labels we need for those entities, how they can work together, and what they're for. And I'm sitting here by myself with a laptop. I can have *dialoge* about such things, but trying to write the book sitting here with my laptop is so not working.

Anybody else have a writing project that requires to be collaborative? Wanna share stories? Techniques? You write mine and I'll write yours?