March 23rd, 2007

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Very productive day so far; didn't bump into Murphy 'til noon. With pharmaceutical help got a whole six hours sleep, which was good; was still at coffeehouse by 6am, and called kindredsgirl at 6:45am. Got home, did laundry, went shopping; it took 40 minutes to get my new cellphone working at the Cingular store. The poor working-dronw was trying as hard as he could; that's how long the system takes.

So I now have a new phone with a new number; I'm at Edit: Cingular fucked up; note edited number. /Edit 310-94118-8142. The old 914 number was instantly dead; they don't do forwarding messages anymore.

And from there to Target to replace the stolen bike. Got the new one and a new lock for it; didn't get the bike *trailer* I wanted due to no way to transport it. And now I'm at LAMI, where I have to sign the boys up for the volunteer training sail in April and noodge Jim about writing his column. And then go home and work there.

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So, trying to work with the new Sony-Ericson phone, part 1: How do I tell if it's charging? I've got it plugged in, but there's no "I'm plugged in now" indicator.

I've figured out how to access the address book. Haven't figured out how to use the camera yet. Have a 200+ page instruction book to read; maybe it's in there somewhere.

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Note, new phone is 918-8142, not 941-8142; Cingular screwed up, again. I'm not bothering switching because their competitors are just as incompetent and it's not worth my time, but no Good Citizenship award for *these* folks.