April 29th, 2007

Feeling accomplished

So it's 8:40pm and I still have an important letter to write. But before I start flogging my brain and making it go be productive again, I'll take a minute to bask in the glow of my accomplishments.

Got up at a reasonable hour, called my sweetie, and managed to control things well enough to still be at the laundromat by 8am and out of it by 9:30am. Visited my friend Christine from 10am 'til noon, and persuaded her to hire me for her business; we meet at 10am Tuesday to work out the details, but it looks like I'll have remunerative full-time employment by a week from tomorrow.

Went to the bike shop to get a flat fixed after that; was picking up the bike (needed a new wheel as well as a new tube, but I *need* the bike, and at least it's cheaper than doing the same with a car) when she called again and asked for a hand installing a new TV. So I went and did that, and got home around threeish. Tried to take a nap, but after the third phone call I gave up and went to the coffeehouse to try to get that important letter written.

Was there about five minutes when my folks invited me for dinner; they picked me up twenty minutes later, we had dinner, and then visited with a friend of theirs -- the artist who painted the mural in their backyard -- who happened to live across the street from the restaurant they'd picked. I agreed to do some webwork for her; I need to re-up my tech chops and she needs some work done, has a very flexible schedule but no cash, all in all a good mutual-support operation.

And now I've got about an hour to write before I start to resemble a large orange gourd. G'night, all.