May 2nd, 2007

Post Awful, and Friends

I got an email from the USPS subsequent to filing a change of address card. The first thing it says is "A $1 fee has been charged to your credit/debit card to verify your identity." Given that I never provided them with any credit information and never authorized such a charge, that takes a lot of gall. I'll check my account to see if they've actually managed to do so. And then I think I need to write a very nasty letter to the Postmaster. I suspect some lower-level manager has grossly exceeded their authority, but we have some experience with what happens when governmental agents do that and we don't reel 'em back in quickly enough.

And I'm going to alter how I read my friends' list. I do care about y'all, but I wrote one entry this morning and y'all have posted about 300 entries since then, and I'm only on my second cup of coffee. I think I need to start reading through filters. Does anybody already do that and have lessons to share?