May 7th, 2007

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Spent an hour reading at the coffeehouse, but am now posting as my first act from the office, which is good. I've got *four* to-do lists, one for this office, one for LAMI, one for NAND, and one for myself.

Here, I want to get my laptop on the wireless network, and get a "client prospects" database started on an ubuntu utility on that laptop. And if I get *that* done I can tackle one of the *other lists. Right now I'm on an office desktop machine, to which I've already added Firefox. It's nice having a wireless keyboard, but I still want to be able to use my laptop here.

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How would the nerve tissue have to behave for Pierson's puppeteers to be viable?

For those who haven't read Niven's books, a puppeteer has one eye in each of its two heads, which are on ostrich-like necks.

Attention, Database Jocks!

I need to find all condo and co-op developments in Los Angeles and Orange Counties that are over 200 units. Where can I find this data and how can I pull it out?

The CA Secretary of State has one set of records that would have this data. And there's at least one datamining company that has pulled this information out of that mess, and is selling the answer for $2K a copy. I haven't *found* that DB yet, but at least I know it exists.

Where else might this data live?