May 9th, 2007

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Posting first, which is good. Had forgotten my phone, which is bad, but I went back and got it. An extra 32 blocks bicycling, which is good exercise, but I wish I could've picked a cooler day to do that.

I have a stack of letters to write, and then I have to get back to assembling a listing of all the CIDs over 200 units each in LA and Orange Counties. And then try to assemble a trip to Burning Man at the end of August.

To work!

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Remember the mantra of the Database Programmer: It doesn't matter how skilled you are, if the data is bad you can't get out of it what isn't in it. And I've just spend an hour going through one real estate database where someone misunderstood "# of units" to mean "how many am I selling on this commission" instead of "how many condos are there in the building?" Either that, or most condos available in Los Angeles County are single units.