August 25th, 2007

(no subject)

Okay, 5pm Saturday and I'm getting things started. Good day so far; set up an appointment with David for 2:30pm Tuesday to discuss working with him on NAND, and had a long IM with V. in which she regretfully declined an offer to lunch on grounds of an overloaded schedule. Then went for a two-hour exercise ride, including an hour's chat with J. from Point Fermin, bought baskets for the cargo bike, went home and took a shower, and here I am, ready to write things and kiss dragons. Much better than killing them, in my own opinion.

Got a start writing to my younger son Gabe, summarizing his vacation here and discussing a number of open issues, such as him learning to *not* hear things people *haven't* said, even if his *impression* of what they might *like* to say is correct. Should finish that, write to Jim the director of LAMI about what I'm doing here and why, and do something for Christine's business. Need to develop her a website, and she is a one-woman walking Anti-Clue about such things.

I need to change my whole approach to electronic living; hints and discussions are welcome. Getting sound working on this laptop is a trivial part of it; I need to Get Organized. In my mind that will eventually mean getting Windoze off this box entirely and getting my Linux skills up to the point where I'm confortable using Ubuntu or something else like it without a fallback. And diversifying off LJ is another necessity, which will mean coming up with a way to keep straight where I've got accounts and what's on which.

So now to go do.