September 29th, 2007

(no subject)

7:40am and I'm getting to work. I have four websites to map and I want to be done by noon. Mark!

9:40am update: One out of four websites mapped, and a family logistical snafu in process of resolution. Windoze is misbehaving badly, but I want to get done with what I'm doing before rebooting into Ubuntu. B+ day so far.

10:35am update: Got the other three mapped too; they were all much smaller. Day upgraded to A. Windoze downgraded to F-; had to take the battery out to get it to reboot.

No, I didn't really *mean* that...

I'm having an IM conversation with a new femme-friend I have a date scheduled with. We haven't met F2F yet; that's what we're planning on for a week from tomorrow. The conversation is being a bit rocky; I'm not sure if this is due to Aspie/NT differences, the vagaries of IM conversational protocol, or the phase of the moon.

Frustrating, though.

Somebody shave that Beever...

Went to the Redondo Beach Pier to see brand-new sidewalk art by Julian Beever, who has produced some awesome stuff.

Not this week, though. The one drawing he did had none of his trademark perspective tricks, and artistically wasn't up to the level of Dick Van Dyck's sidewalk scribbles in the original "Mary Poppins."

And then was Lunch With My Folks. I'd rather have gone hungry. A pity I didn't; if I'd had a bike with me I *can* ride home from there, and I'd have expended calories instead of consuming a lot I didn't need. Poor Zack was subject to 45 minutes of React For Grandma. Grandpa, to his credit, was quiet.

And now I'm back on my own turf, and my brain is asleep but my body is awake. There's a couch here; maybe if I can pass out for a few minutes it'll re-set the brain and I can start over.

Or does anybody have a difficult subject they'd like me to chew over with them?