October 21st, 2007

Inland Empire Polymunch meets Professional Networking

Damn but I need to get business cards made. At least three different ones. Today, I'd needed cards in my capacities as regional facilitator for GRASP, and as director of NAND, and a social card as a poly and kinky person.

I met Bo, who just finished acting in a film about Aspergers, called "Carbuncle." She wants to arrange showings as fund-raising events for nonprofits, and GRASP and NAND between 'em have a combined budget that would just about cover a bowl of fruit salad, which certainly qualifies. And Greg has a pair of brilliant daughters who can't understand why the stupid people at school won't let them re-enact the Renaissance.

And I've sent 'em both emails asking 'em to help me brainstorm what we can do together. Yay, me!

Dora, I'll check over AAspire, and see if I should be working with you also.