October 26th, 2007

"All I want is to be loved and safe and happy." What, no puppy?

My thanks to tenacious_snail for getting me started this morning.

Another poster, amethest, writing on polyamory, had a lot to say on Buddhism, specifically an Amy Tan quote: "Passionate people create too many problems: They are reckless. They endanger others in their pursuit of fetishes and infatuations. And they self-agitate when it is better to simply relax and let matters be."

So I want to speak in favor of love and passion, and somewhat dismissively of Collapse )

No, he really *is* Superboy...

So my younger son Gabe was going to be out here for a week. He's trying for a part in a show, and can only get the part if he cancels the trip. He *might* not get the part even then, and if so, he'll come out here and it's no issue. But he doesn't know how to make a decision like this, and he doesn't know how to accept input very well either. Not surprising for a 14-year-old, noted. But still stress on *my* liver while the process goes on.

Good news: It's a lead part -- the Tin Woodsman in "Christmas in Oz", and at a non-school, "professional" theatre. Not-quite-so-good-news: Book is by Robin Hess rather than Frank Baum; It's a small-town theatre, and the show is part of their kid's program. ( www.villagerstheatre.com ) Gabe is thinking of it in terms of his *resume*, instead of in terms of his skill-sets and experience.

If he's going to have a good professional experience, go for it, cancel the trip here, and I'll see if I can find a way to get out there to see him. But this is a kid who danced at Carnegie Hall when he was ten. Nine? I'm not sure, exactly. But he was at the School of American Ballet for five years, and danced with the NY City Ballet all that time, and not just "Nutcracker," either. I helped him build the bigger dream of being a performer, not *only* a dancer, and it's in pursuit of that dream that he's now working on drama. But he's doing so with no help, mentoring, or trusted counsel. I don't even feel comfortable suggesting to his brother to take that role, because said brother has his own independence issues and doesn't want to hear suggestions from me.

Maybe I'll go to an Aikido dojo and see if there's a sensei I can toss around for a while.