October 28th, 2007

Sometimes, reading is a mistake...

Had some lovely thoughts this morning about duty, discipline, and desire. "Duty" as a concept doesn't exist without a referent; duty to whom? And to do what? A similar concept in Lojban would have those issues defined in its place-structure, but I still have some issues with Lojban as a language in that regard.

*My* father lived a lot of his life performing duties by using discipline, and as a result was miserable for most of his adult life. And now that he's retired and has leisure to pursue desire, he's got Altzheimers. (And also a vehement case of denial about it, which is one of the symptoms *of* it.)

I managed to run most of the last two weeks running on desire rather than discipline. I felt much better about it and got a lot more done. I'm looking to continue that this week, but there's a lot to this new approach I'm following that I don't understand yet.

I have a lot of leftover structure that I'm running on; "legacy code", so to speak. But the only humans I know who *don't* run mostly on legacy code are toddlers.

And my son just got here, so we're going to have breakfast. I'll finish the rest later.