December 8th, 2007

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I haven't posted much since Turkey day; life's been busy. Mostly good sorts of busy. My thanks to those of you who noodged me into remembering to begin posting again.

The visit up North was excellent; met two old friends in the flesh for the first time, and made two new friends. And visited with five others. One major misunderstanding occurred, which is in the process of being worked out. I appreciate having friends who are capable of working such things out; it's a pain to *need* such a capacity, but very good to actually *have* it.

I've organized my life into five general tasks; in order from most general to most specific, NAND, LAMI, CAMC, Family, and Self. I'm now working for CAMC on a "full or as much time as you've got" basis, for money; money is good. While the work is not deeply fulfilling, neither is it soul-damaging the way so many jobs are nowadays.

I've got five papers to write for NAND: Pathological Diagnosis; the Agent Personality Model; Corruption in Organizations; Building Truth; and Community Identity. Any comments, expressions of interest, or correlations with or references to other existing works would all be most appreciated.

Haven't been getting enough exercise. So I'm going to put this down after I hit the "post" button and get on my bike.