February 1st, 2008

why am I starting a week on Friday?

I'm not expecting an answer out of you, just expressing my own ignorance.

Now 10:45am and I'm just into work and booting up my laptop. Commuted in on the Red Car this morning, which is pleasant. They didn't ask for money this morning either, which was also pleasant.

Last night went to Bruno's in Gardena to listen to Simon sing sea chanties, which actually isn't a tongue twister even though it might look like one. Was enough of a walk from the buses that my back is tired this morning; I wasn't wearing good walking shoes. Simon was great and I had some level of epiphany about the value of singing and why I want to do it. Bruno's - I may volunteer to make over their kitchen for them, starting with firing the current cook and training a new one.

More later; need coffee first.