March 26th, 2008

Writing Challenge

Okay, I've been lax posting, too -- in part because it's so much *easier* to respond to what other people write than to take responsibility for developing a thread independently. So I've thought of a challenge for myself, and I thought I'd toss it out there for y'all, too.

Write something. Assume for the exercise that every literate person on the planet is going to read it, translated with absolute precision (yeah, impossible, go with it anyway) into their native tongue. All the illiterates will have it read to them. You have no political or social power you don't already posssess, but you're assured of the broadest possible human audience. If you wish to address nonhumans also, don't let me limit you.

Please *don't* read everybody else's, first; one of the principles I've found works best for me is to write de novo, *then* read everybody else's stuff and re-do mine if it seems worthwhile. If we learn something interesting about you in the difference between what you write first and what you write later, that's a Good Thing; I *like* learning things.

I've set screening to "All Comments" in case some of y'all are shy; if you want it unlocked say so and I'll figure out how to unlock it.