April 17th, 2008

On Bullies, and Being Victims

Yesterday I posted a seven-year overdue political rant, in which I closed by commenting that if the FBI or other pseudogovernmental thugs wanted to come bang on my door, I wasn't home anyway. An old, dear friend bid me farewell; while there was ambiguity present, the obvious interpretation was that he thought they *were* going to come cart me away. A newer friend has been refusing to discuss the matter except under encryption; *another* form of giving in to the bullies.

I despise bullying. It hadn't occurred to me 'til my visit with my son last month that bullying is a mindgame that takes place inside the mind of the *victim*. Someone else can threaten and bluster all they want to; the bullying doesn't happen 'til the victim gives in. The current Administration may be the poster-children for bullying, but if we allow ourselves to be bullied it is *us* that needs to change.