April 27th, 2008

Yoga for Aspies

1. Just because the instructor is chanting "Exhale" does not mean "don't *in*hale." The ground assumption is that we're each responsible for our own bodies, and while sie wants you to pay *attention* to exhaling, you'll do what you have to do to keep yourself reasonably oxygenated. Passing out in class is not recommended.

2. If your body comes equipped with testicles and the instructor's does not, sie may not adequately take this difference into account in giving instructions. If following instructions precisely would result in a pinched or crushed testicle, modify the instructions so this does not occur, as loud screaming in class is *also* not recommended. I assume there may be similar issues if your body has breasts and the instructor's does not, but as my body does *not* have breasts I cannot speak from direct experience on this issue.

3. Keeping with the principle of maintaining responsibility for your own body, exhortations to release your control and let your body relax do *not* mean stopping telling your heart to beat. It's supposed to be a self-regulating function, and if you've taken conscious control from the autonomic mechanism, remember to emulate an autonomic mechanism in your functioning.

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