June 15th, 2008

Bouncing Beer

Had a lovely time at the poly potluck last night, and met four new people, three of whom are interesting, and for two of whom that's Interesting. Sent data-exchange emails to them this morning.

On the bike ride home, the five leftover bottles of beer bounced out of my bike-basket and went on an impromptu flying-lesson. Conculsion: Beer may be able to jump 18" to get out of a basket, but it *still* can't fly.

(no subject)

So working on the trailer is starting to get on my nerves; if you've built big things out of wood before, you already know how, no matter how many times you measure, the critical piece will always end up a quarter-inch shorter than you need it.

So far I've got the rear and peak beams up, and the plywood skin on between 'em and two of the four rafters up between 'em. Need to get the other two up there, and then put a roof on that section, and put up the other two beams -- the front and mid-beams. Once all four beams are up, I can then put plywood on the front and sides and roof, and a piece of flashing across the roof-seams, and it's done and can get packed. Sounds easy, don't it? Fine, then come here and *you* do it.

I've asked Zack to help for three hours per day all this coming week; having someone to babble at is of immense aid in problem-solving, and Zack does know how to ask intelligent questions -- perhaps a bit more often than is optimal for this kind of job, but I can usually deal with that, and on those occasions I can't, *he* can usually deal with *that*.

That's not all that's on my mind; had to evict a shrieking insane homeless person from my doorstep this morning. The irritating factor is the dozen seconds or so figuring out if this is one of the *dangerous* screaming loonies, or simply a poor lost soul venting his irritation at the universe in general. Turns out to have been the latter this time, so I just invited him to do his venting elsewhere, and he accepted the invitation.

And I have to consult with my bank tomorrow morning and find out where my balance went; it seems to have all disappeared, where only half of it should have (paying for trailer frame, plywood, etc.). Probably only one of the many classic clerical and/or data processing errors, but does need to get dealt with.

In the meantime, all is good here. How's with you?