June 26th, 2008

Gabe's Visit: First Day Good

Yesterday was Gabe's first full day here; first day at all, really, as we hadn't gotten home from the airport 'til half past midnight Tuesday. We went to the Lane in the morning, and painted things in the engine room; I don't think Gabe had any idea how amazing it looked to the 85-year-old geezers watching him put one leg straight up and the other out at at 90-degree angle to wriggle behind a piston pump and paint it. From the Lane we went to LAMI, and ripped a couple of 2x4's into 1x4's for use reinforcing the door to the trailer, and then carried 'em home. We'd had lunch at the Lane, so we got home, showered, and took naps.

Dinner was fresh salad (I *think* we're up to 16 ingredients at this point, and fresh beets are much better than canned), corn on the cob, and steaks. And then we went and saw Get Smart, which was a light, funny movie. As said; all great.

Today I really need to finish and send my letter to Jim; I'm going to post what I've got so far separately under friends-filter for input. Intertwined with that, I'm going to have the boys help me with the last four construction clean-up steps on the trailer -- reinforcing the door, adding reinforcing blocks to the large vertical side pieces, cutting the points off the screws that went through into the wheel-wells, and adding half a dozen screw-eyes in the loading area for tie-down points. Shouldn't take 'til noon.

And this afternoon kindredsgirl and sons hit the road to come join us; they should get here by Saturday late afternoon. Yay!

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Got the trailer door reinforced; still need to add naildown blocks to the sides and screw eyes to secure cargo. Still don't have letter to Jim done, but y'all's comments have been *most* helpful.