December 11th, 2008

(no subject)

Writing first, which is good and important. Reading LJ is a fine way to remind myself that there does exist a Real World out there with Real People in it -- unlike, say, newspapers, which present a market-driven "pretend reality." But it doesn't get things done.

kindredsgirl is going on a trip, and so blackmonkeymage and I will have the house to ourselves for five days. I'm busy doing networking, starting with the local schools, Unitarians, Jews, and the SCA; need to continue that and broaden it. I think OSU is next; not sure *how* yet. Municipal government and organizations to follow shortly. We also need to develop and implement better household-chore doing and tracking habits.

I also have two old physical projects to clean up, the MicroHouse and the Motorized Bike. And a lot of writing to do. So, off to do.