February 16th, 2009

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Read first today, which is usually a distraction, but I'm going to try to get a day going here anyway. Further distractions are being both sick (cold-ish) and headachey (my body's way of saying "We're not happy in here! Guess why and do something about it!"), but I'm going to ignore those too.

Five things to do today; produce a script for Jewish Food, quality time with Laura, practice banjo, meet with Mike and give him said script, and paint MicroHouse panels with Matthew. Having trouble writing the script right now. I've got the outline written; I know who the characters are and what they're doing, but I need to write dialog for 'em without doing my usual level of due-diligence homework -- no time for that, and it doesn't *need* to be historically accurate for this audience. It needs to be amusing, make a point about fundamental Jewish values, and have to do with food. Within that, a bit of historical authenticity would be nice, but isn't vital.

Story is short and simple; a banker is being asked to make a loan to buy a trading ship -- but any moron, or his fairly bright ten-year-old son, has no trouble figuring out that the ship is actually being bought for piracy. His wife takes exception to this, and starts spicing his food very highly any time he goes to visit that particular client. He is unwilling to lose macho points by taking advice from a woman, but the fact that he gets heartburn every time he sees the potential client *must* be a Sign From God that This Deal Was Not Meant To Be. He announces his decision, turns down the client, and peace once more reigns in his household.

Now, to turn that into a *script*. And then find the recipes to go along with it...