February 24th, 2009

Help with an incomplete thought?

So I'm pondering, and I got stuck. Help?

One way I think is as a component member of a social entity. In this way of thinking, it is important or vital to communicate with the other component members, and in order for that communication to result in action, consensus is often required. So while thinking in this mode, taking action without consensus is generally a bad idea.

Another way I think is as an independent individual. (If it's not self-explanatory, ask.) This kind of behavior tends to get the "Aspie" label, because the people who would like to think of themselves as constitutents of a social entity with me and would have liked to have been consulted about my actions before I took them get offended.

*Sometimes*, the two different ways of thinking are in conflict. Sometimes they're not; occasionally they even heterodyne.

I *suspect* there is a pattern to this, but I can't yet identify it. I suspect further that there are times I should switch from one of these ways of thinking to the other, and that I'm missing my cues. THere are times when pissing people off is a worthwhile price for getting things done, and there are times when taking individual independent action won't bug anybody whether they're consulted or not, and there are times when if somebody's bugged it's their problem and not mine.

Now, where do I go with *this*?