March 2nd, 2009

Fundamental Value. Values? Hunting for the basis.

So there *is* a Fundamental Value Of Joel. I tend to think of it as "integrity," which provides a nice convenient label without actually explaining anything. I already tried, and threw out the three pages I'd generated.

I think it starts with trying to define the word "truth." If I am trying to speak accurately to you, to convey to you a correct piece of knowledge or wisdom, there are a lot of areas of possible error. Lying is the *simplest*, because it posits a simple, single agent as the reason for the inaccuracy. Misaligned reference frames are much more likely, and a lot trickier to identify. I see a truth as something more likely to be carefully built than discovered.

I'm going to continue with this, but I'm going to toss this little bit out and see what comes back.