March 4th, 2009

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Had the beginnings of a productive and useful conversation with the indigowombat this morning, that touched on some issues that have been salient around this household recently.

I got to introduce him to my Intelligent Agent model of personality, for a start. The core idea is that as minds evolved, starting way back in the reptile days, what we had to start with were the wetware equivalent of device drivers, that did things like make sure the lungs kept running and the heart kept beating. So we started with what we had, and these eventually developed into agents that could sustain an abstract purpose. And in typical evolutionary fashion, the easiest way to develop something *bigger* was to figure out a way to team up more of what we already *have*.

So a modern human mind is a committee of these intelligent agents, and we call a person "well-integrated" to the extent we can ignore this in dealing with them and treat the single human body as if it only has a single personality to drive it.

Point #2 is Individual Personal Responsibility for the Maintenance of Civilization. *I* have to maintain *my* civilization, and what I maintain is what I encourage to grow. And, similarly, you maintain yours, Indy maintains his, and so on.

To me, parenting is an important part of this, because the future is where I'm going to spend all the rest of my life. And the adults I help create will be the ones helping shape that future.

But when I'm parenting somebody, what I'm dealing with are a mob of immature agents. I'm trying to help the underlying human learn to control their own committee, and learn to impose purpose *on* that committee. I also have some ideas about what constitutes a *good* purpose, and how one tells.

More to follow, but I wanted to get that started. Len also contributed some good thoughts I have to get back to, but I can't integrate everything all at once.