March 18th, 2009

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dglenn of the shapely legs brings these: to my attention.

I've never developed or used a "style" before; I've always been a classic geek, albeit occasionally one in costume while working in Korporate Amerika. Now I'm thinking of adopting one, and getting thoroughly "into" Steampunk. And having a fun baby-toy to play with would be a good thing -- except I haven't played with blocks since 1960, and while I *do* remember doing so, I don't remember *what I was doing with them*. Other than hitting Marty over the head with one, and I have better toys for that now.

So, gentle readers, and also all the rest of youze bums, if you had a set of Mad Scientist Blocks, how would you play with them? And would there be some other toy you would play with *with* them?