March 22nd, 2009

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Did my reading at 2am, and so while technically I'm not starting the *day* with writing, I am starting this session of sit-at-the-computer by writing, and that's what I've decided counts. 

Remembering to celebrate achievements and joyous events:  Friday and Saturday we got all the living room furniture, and the boy's beds and aikido mats moved and placed in the new house.  And Lev and Gayle came down to see Laura's band perform, and much food was eaten and good times were had.  And this morning Zack and I got all the desktop computer stuff and my laptop accessories and my dresser loaded into the trailer, and my plan is to get the rest of my room disassembled and packed into the trailer this afternoon, and set up at the new place tonight.  And all of this is very immediate, in-the-now, and real. 

And in more of immediacy, I now have to clean myself up and get to the UU Fellowship, where I'm teaching Sunday school today.  So next entry, hopefully this afternoon, I'll continue with Short, Intermediate, and Long-Term Plans.  And figure out what  keyboard oddity keeps moving my cursor to the beginning  of the previous paragraph.