April 8th, 2009

(no subject)

Had morning meeting with Zack; went well. I like having my to-do list be monosyllabic; this one came up as:

Clean kitchen.
Clean room.
Change clothes, shower again if needed.
Go to seder.

And I'm eating as I type, so it's all going well. Had an epiphany while talking with Zack; intellectual processing may be necessary to recognize an emotion, but the emotion needs to be *emotionally* processed on a timely basis, or it gets lost. If a positive emotion gets lost, I lose the amount of positive emotional energy I might have gained from it; if a negative emotion gets lost, it'll leak out in undifferentiated sadness later on -- one particular form of depression, analogous to rage in that the initial source of the emotion has been lost.

There's an element in here too, about how language forms -- if someone dies, their death serves as a new icon, a new word; I may be mourning all the nice things about them I will no longer have in my company, but I transfer all that to the event of their death, and make a "word" out of it.

And now I need to go take a nice, pleasurable, scenic bike ride. Oh, horrors.