April 23rd, 2009

Planning Too Big

Got up 2am and started reading LJ; Laura got up some time later and dragged me back to bed -- commenting as she did so that I tend to go to "too big" solutions to my problems and issues.

She's right about that. I do have financial issues and it would be good to thoroughly address them -- but I need to address the smaller issue of getting a day started and doing something with it, first. Knowing precisely how much money is in my checking account and where the next buck is coming from are good things, but if I don't get out of bed and *do* something it can end up sort of a moot point.

So I got up again at 5 and got to work, and I'm going to continue that for another half-hour before I get myself showered, dressed, fed, and ready to Go Out And Face The World. And then I'll have morning meeting with Zack and do so, if nothing else taking my laptop down to the coffee house just to have Gone Somewhere.

Went to a munch in Albany last night; made some new contacts. Now to convert "contacts" into "friends..."