May 19th, 2009

(no subject)

Morning meeting in ten minutes, and I can't find my brain.

What do I need to do with it when I find it? I have a job to find and two writing projects to complete and an accounting task to do,

Writing task number 1: Sum up what I want out of my relationship with [info]kindredsgirl in 1500 words or less.

Writing task number 2: Write up my experiences with and thoughts about Unitarianism in general and the Corvallis UU Fellowship in particular. Should try to keep it to the same length.

Accounting: Find, sum up, and account for all the receipts from the Bouncer Tourney.

Job finding: I have one written application to submit and the usual electronic boards to go through.

What did I get done yesterday? Got a lot of weeding done in the back yard; had the Post-Mortem Meeting with Mike re the JewFood Project and signed on again for next year. Which will be a joint venture between the Jews and the UU's, and three times the size. And then did more yardwork in the evening. Slow day.

Next: What do I have to say to the UU's?