May 22nd, 2009

New Frauds, Rewiring Brains, and Medieval Tournaments

I don't have *time* to write all that. I need to get myself prepped to start a day, do a week's worth of laundry and a day's worth of kitchen maintenance, do a bank run, and shop and pack for a tourney.

Just missed getting dinged by a new kind of fraud; an ad on Craig's List for a legitimate-seeming job. I sent off a cover letter and resume, and got back an email asking me to apply at the company website. I go to the website, fill out an online application, and when I submit the application, the screen goes directly to an EULA for a cellphone service, with my data already entered into the form from their resume screen. One more click and I'd have given them the right to be my cell-service provider at the terms and for the services of their choice.

Had a great conversation with Laura this morning about brain wiring and rewiring. I *think* I successfully acknowledged her concern that I might be about to try diving into her brain with a pliers at any moment, and pointed out that I *do* have safeguards in place to prevent that. She really *doesn't* need to cover her ears and run for cover any time I say the word "pliers." Honestly.

More on that later, due to the aforementioned lack of time. Need to get garb un-smelly for wear at Egil's Tourney.