June 3rd, 2009

Writer's Block: Place of Residence

Describe your dream house (even if it's not a house).

*Which* dream house? The most architecturally interesting would be the Poly Pentagon, designed to be both residence and business, in the form of a bed-and-breakfast. Bedrooms are in clusters of four, five, and six, around sitting rooms that act as semiprivate space. Each sitting room has a staircase to the Main (central) Level, either up or down depending on the level it's from. There are some "secret" rooms on the bedroom floors, but those are secret so I won't talk about 'em here. The sitting rooms are hexagonal and the bedrooms pentagonal, in a sort of soccer-ball like pattern. (The two outside side corners of the bedrooms are right angles, so furniture can be put there; the other three angles are adjusted to fit.) The idea is that the Families use bedroom clusters of whatever sizes they have need of, and the other clusters are rented out -- providing a flexible number of bedrooms to meet family needs.

The Main Level is based on a pentagonal living room I designed back when I still had all my hearing, and wanted a space that could be used equally well for live or canned performance. Pentagonal again, so there are no parallel walls to set up standing waves in the acoustics. Big stone fireplace at the outside apex, with a pair of sliding-glass doors onto the deck on either side of it. Floor rakes down and ceiling rakes up in the direction of the fireplace. Outside side corners again 90 degrees, this time to accommodate Klipschhorns, with Magnet tweeters on top. Kitchen and dining room are off to the right as you stand in front of the fireplace.

More details available to anyone who is either interested or would like to help with the financing.