July 31st, 2009

New Home

Spent the night at the Brainard's, where I'll be living for the next month, and on whose computer I'm composing. Need to go back to Laura's today, ask about the laptop she had been going to loan me while mine's in the shop, unpack the bike trailer, and repack the cargo trailer space that it had occupied. Then off to the bank to deposit checks, get some cash for the Brainards, and back home and get working.

That mundania out of the way, I've been reading Sobel on Place-Based Education. I'll try to post again later about my interview preparation, since help figuring out possible questions would be useful, but for the moment I'm looking past that at what the Muddy Creek job will be like after I start it (assuming of course I *do* get the job and *do* start it). I still think Place-Based Education has metaphorically located the right tree and then started vigorously barking up the wrong side of it, but the language to explain the error doesn't seem to exist yet, and so I shall have to invent it. Having the right tree is *fantastic* progress, but making good progress doesn't indicate the end of the journey; there's still more to do.

Humans are part of the environment; PBE gets that right. But that means human *communications systems* are *also* part of the environment, so anything you can reach on the 'net *is* local. Or the information about it is, at any rate.

So that's the start of *that* idea. Two more; I should go find coffee before trying to pin 'em down.