September 10th, 2009

By this time next year, I need to figure out a way to celebrate this day

Not much externally verifiable happened, I just had a good day. Went for a bike ride with Jake around the city limits of Eugene, more or less, on his half-recumbent tandem, and ate pizza while listening to the Kindreds. Read "A Hatful of Sky," by Pratchett. Got back the wallet that fell out of my pocket on the bus last night, with all my ID and cards in it, and even *most* of my cash -- which was a bit odd; apparently the discoverer of my wallet took a reasonable finder's fee and turned the rest in. I don't begrudge them the $40.

Internally -- that's different, though. And I'm at a loss to explain changes in internal states at the moment; maybe I'll try gain in the morning. Good stuff, though.