October 18th, 2009

A Very Satisfying Shopping Trip

Spent a grand total of $7.54. Got a squash, eight brussel sprouts (currently cooking), an onion, a bud of garlic, a bag of mushrooms, three apples, two bananas, a bag of carrots, and a chicken thigh instead of a corn dog. Niceness; since they were out of corn dogs the counterman gave me the chicken piece for the price of the corn dog.

Finished the chicken before getting home, thus preserving the vegetarianism of the household and not getting any of my housemates pissed at me. Someone else put out muffins on the 'come eat it' counter, and I have one next to me awaiting my attention. Then the brussel sprouts.

Feels a bit like a gatherer's dinner; while it's balanced, the brussel sprouts are the only thing I'm cooking. Tomorrow I'll make gerste mit pilz.