October 21st, 2009

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So I'm eating a bowl of barley for dinner, and having an interesting chord of enjoyment. It's an excellent bowl of barley; I browned a bag of mushrooms, half an onion, four cloves of garlic, and two Jerusalem artichokes, added a quart of veggie broth and a cup of barley, and let it simmer for an hour 'til the barley drank all the broth. And my sense of taste, now fully awake, says "Good nice heavy comfort food. Now why don't you cook us a quiche?"

I've never cooked a quiche. Not a bad idea, but not tonight. I want to get myself organized enough that I can hit the ground running tomorrow. Step One: Get out of bed, get showered and get dressed. The Morning Routine, up to and including calling Zack for morning meeting. I want to have my BUilding Committee invitation sent *before* that meeting; do so either between shower and breakfast, or right after breakfast.

Need to think of something really nice for breakfast tomorrow. I've got bagels in the freezer, start from there. If I can come up with a less-Joel-toxic sauce than hollendaise, doing eggs florentine on the bagel would be yummy. Anybody have a sauce-inspiration that's sort of creamyish but low-fat and low- to no- sugar?

I"m losing it. That's enough planning for now, do the rest later. But before 8am.