October 27th, 2009

Progress, with a side order of frustration.

Reported progress on accounting to the Bike Co-Op, and got my main problem expressed and on the agenda for the next meeting, in two weeks. That problem is that in the name of being a 'consensus organization' they have let an inadequate understanding of what 'consensus' means devolve into chaos.

Consensus requires an assumption of personal responsibility; you assume the responsibility of acting *yourself* in the best interests of the group. You bring up what you think is best for the group, and if the group agrees, your thought or program is accepted. If the group doesn't agree, you get to decide if you're willing to go along with a consensus that doesn't include your idea, or leave the group.

What we've had instead is people refusing to make a decision because someone else who feels strongly about the decision isn't there -- despite a stated policy of "policy is made by whoever's there, and the meeting will be every other week at the Center and if you want to make policy you have to show up."

So next week, I can ask that we either get formal about that, or accept a Board-managed model.