October 31st, 2009

The weekend, and the future.

I need to get done tending keyboard here and go mark and drill some MicroHouse panels in Laura's garage, while I'm here and there's light and it's not raining. Tonight may be halloween, but I have no plans for doing anything about it as of yet. Tomorrow, there's the Teacher's Luncheon at the UUFC, and I need to get my homework done for the Tuesday "safety club." And services and Sunday school in the morning.

So I'll leave this document open for editing to add in the "talk about the future" bit, and go put my shoes on and see if I can Go Be Productive. In the meantime, here's my description of a Bike Travel Trailer; let me know if you can visualise the end product from this description:

Build a box frame based on two pieces of flanged mild-steel C-channel running lengthwise, and a plywood box (3/8" ply on the bottom, 1/4" ply on the sides and top) with 1" triangular corner framing members on top of that, roughly classical dog-house-shaped, with the back end entirely missing.

The missing back end fits another similar box, about one plywood-sheet-thickness smaller in all dimensions, that is on a frame of 1"x1" box beam that slides into the C-channel of the other box, possibly on bearings. Folding legs on the sliding half, door on the bike side of the trailer, and 3 small windows to allow the occupant to both get some light and see out while retaining a fair amount of privacy. When pulled "all the way" out, there should still be about a 2" overlap between the two boxes, with a felt gasket and a soft rubber bushing on each side of the felt to keep the drafts out.

Add to that a folding foam mattress, a drawer underneath to store bedding and a change of clothes, and a small battery-operated camp lantern, and it should be reasonably cozy.

Okay, back. Marked 3 panels; didn't drill any, But drawing sixty precise X's is still a reasonable hour's work. Bought a paper calendar, tomorrow I'll pick up a set of fine-point colored markers with enough for one color for each social entity I want to be involved with. I count ten existing and three I want to start.