November 3rd, 2009

Touring my mind: Starting with a few bits

Just read about Brian C. in Portland, via, and his "bicycle motorhome," a misnomer as it has no motor. Unless one counts Brian, I suppose.

I'm applying for a job as an "Office Specialist 3" at the Community Services Coalition in Corvallis. These two factors connect, via a discussion of class and grammar.

I'd recently read "Butterflies in the Kremlin," a serialization in the Grantville Gazette ( ) . It painted what seems a reasonably accurate portrait of the political problems in Russia in the 1630's, which was all about the tensions between the nobility and the serfs. I see a lot of that tension in the America of today, and some of it in my own upbringing. The ficton was trying to bring a 'middle class' to Russia, and failing. I'm of middle-class upbringing, and Brian I presume to be of lower-class origins, because the extent of my knowledge about him is that he built a bike=camper, the picture shown of him is of a black man, and he apparently has no family.

Okay, I've got all the initial data-bits out. Spinning them into a story is being difficult; I want to turn this into a research paper and prove all sorts of interesting things about emergent properties as applied to human social entities. But to keep the interest of my readers, I'll instead talk about how I might play Elvis Presley to Brian's Tom or Dave.

Can't, right now. Need to go find real live people to talk to. For the moment I'll point out an engineering issue; Brian's 'motorhome' was too flimsy. When he wigged out, he kicked it to pieces himself. An underclass living vehicle needs to be robust enough that an untrained human can't kick the shit out of it.