November 28th, 2009

Shabbos in Seattle

Went to Orthodox services with Joel R. today; proof that people with whom I have next-to-nothing in common can be nice and good people. Returning to the Kibbutz for lunch, I've discovered that cholent seems to produce catatonia; those members of the kibbutz present are all draped loosely over furniture and snoring gently.

I'm feeling ready to move and make progress, and need to start by better figuring out how to use this laptop as a work-tool instead of a time-sink. I've got web access here; I could be researching anything, sending emails, drawing up plans, and following them. Nothing *wrong* with taking shabbos, and it'd be time-appropriate, but I'd rather be working.

Re: the UUs. I can send an email to the Board reporting progress for November. I can send an email to the Building Expansion Committee declaring my eagerness and ability to manage the building addition. I can start doing the research on applicable green technologies for doing that. Rather than bothering a general audience with more such one-sentence ideas, I could and should put 'em in a project plan, design the outputs from that plan, and start following it.

I'd mentioned earlier my idea of separating Life from Projects; there seems to be some aspect of living Life that I'm not getting right this minute. Hints?