December 12th, 2009

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My desire to internalize some of my personal needs is running into interference from the outside world. Turns out I let myself get too set on having Morning Meeting with Zack at 5:30am now that he's on the east coast, and so it's now 8am and I haven't really gotten started yet. By now I should be fed, worked out, showered, and out of the house.

My problem, not his. Go get myself set up, and write about value systems. Maybe even here, so y'all can play along.

Value Systems

To start with, *whose* system? I'm a member of numerous social entities; am I describing *my* *personal* values, or theirs?

I'd started a few days ago with the idea that the root values I'd grown up with in Judaism were Kindness, Reason, and Action; DVD pointed out that they could *also* be interpreted as tactics for implementing *other* values. Fundamental, is, ultimately, what we say it is.

But he was also *immediately* right; as I sat and stared at them some more, I realized I was going off of one of those age-four learnings, again: "The function of the person is to support and care for the society; the function of the society is to support and care for the individual person." Kindness, reason, and action are workable strategies to achieve this in both directions; I"m not yet sure if they're also *complete*. (I'll trot out my own list of other possibilities later; in the meantime, do *you* have any to suggest?)

It might be worthwhile to come up with another name for the values of social entities; while only individual humans actually take actions, the social organism sets the context in which those actions occur.