December 22nd, 2009

Brainstorming for Beit Am Reader's Theater, 5770.

The theme: "A World Of Difference." We're to do five to seven sketches.

My first idea:

There's some Pacific culture (Pre-christian Samoa?) where people laugh when they're angry, not when they're happy. Does anyone know which culture this is? Wikipedia doesn't think it's either Samoan or Micronesian, which were my first two guesses.

Our lead character (me) is an Orthodox (Samoan?) who has moved to Corvallis. (Orthodoxy being at least in part a front; "this is my excuse for being an asshole.") His son (?) is hideously embarrassed at his father for “inappropriate” wear of traditional dress (research: loincloth?) and other habits. (Son is OSU engineering student, and non-religious.)

Carl E-Y plays the himself (Director of the UU Board of Trustees) of a year or two ago, trying to welcome this tribesman into the congregation. Rabbi Ben might also play himself, doing the same thing, of the same time period.