February 21st, 2010

I were a Delegate

Just back from the PNWD (Pacific Northwest District UU Conference), where I got to vote on a bunch of irrelevancies -- but also got to meet a bunch of people, at least one of whom might actually be useful.

Trying to get myself grounded back in reality for a Monday morning; I have two emails that I need to send out *today*, one phone call to make, and some research to do.

Then on to the fun stuff; brainstorming some pirate ships. My initial idea was for a pirate ship as a kinetic sculpture to enter in the Da Vinci Days festival race. But conversations with Andrea are always fruitful, and she asked if the gunnery crew could also shoot off fireworks. That would be a potential fire hazard, so we need to be able to convert the ship instantly into a fire truck, and go put out any blazes we start. And if we're doing instant conversions anyway, why not a circus clown-car? Maybe a star-ship?

And now for implementation...