March 23rd, 2010

Where'd I leave that 'reset' button?

So this morning was fantastic; I bought rat traps, took 'em to the Fellowship, baited 'em and set 'em up, put up the pedestrian security barrier in the parking lot, fixed the blinds, and went to the Old Farts lunch. Next on my list is 'read "3 liberal prophets,"' and after that comes "Respond to email conversation with Murray and Zack." And sometime this afternoon has to happen "Finish electrical run to vent fan in kitchen."

And instead, I'm getting distracted by a thread on CLF ( about evil. Not so much the question itself, as the similarity of the people answering it to the three elderly white guys that Gretchen was describing as getting into a fist-fight over control of the microphone at a conference about white-on-black racism. Okay, christian folks, you're the ones who *caused* the problem, and you have a lot to learn here, how about shutting up, sitting down, and learning it? And we don't need to *hear* about how much you understand your need to learn, or how good you are at it, or how well you've done it. If you have, great, you're no longer the Problem Christian and the advice no longer applies to you because you've already taken it. It's *still* Not Your Turn.

Only, of course, on the Internet it's always everybody's turn all at once. "When" isn't the issue, it's *where*. Is *this* the thread on which you get to trumpet about the progress of your enlightenment? The CLF is better organized than most of the rest of what I've learned about Unitarianism so far, which still means rather worse than the bottom of the average toddler's closet. And I do have some ideas about how to organize it, and I have a congregation here in Corvallis to use as my alpha-test. And none of this is relevant to me reading about Channing, Emerson, and Parker, or writing to my father and son.

I think this also extends back to the white-on-black racism conference: The purpose of the conference is *not* primarily to educate white people in how not to be racist. That may be the title of the conference but it's still a *secondary* purpose. The primary purpose is to give black people the experience of being paid respect. And if I am white and in that audience, *even if I feel my experience is being misrepresented,* it's not appropriate for me to sound off about it. Not because I'm not "right;" because it's *not my turn.* Even if it's my turn to speak in the circle, it's my turn to speak to the *subject of the circle*, not Me And My Experiences Related To The Broader Topic.

So, back to *my* topic: How can I get back on track and have a productive day? I'm going to go drill a hole; at least it's a nice concrete task and I can tell if I'm doing it.