May 5th, 2010

All I need is more *me* and it'd all work fine.

So I met with the Environmental Action Committee on Sunday and they gave me some homework. This is a good outcome; I'd even go so far as to call it a second-best scenario. This is not sarcasm; if you prefer an academic grade I'd give it a B+. And now I'm doing it, and finding the usual mix of bureaucratic incompetence and expected bullshitting and deception; this is unimportant -- I can and will wade through it and find what I need.

At the same time, though, I'm working with my feelings re my CLT covenant group. (CLF is the Church of the Larger Fellowship, the UU attempt to conduct religion over the internet. A covenant group is a support group.) In my "check-in statement" ("How are you and how have the events of your week affected you?"), I'd described my work with my geographical fellowship, and my belief that the UU Seven Principles are insufficient and need to be expanded.

The group reaction was a cascade; in three iterations my statement had been mutated to "I am a dogmatic fascist and desire to take over your personal lives." But because it's a "group process", no one individual ever said that and so the gestalt is no one's responsibility. Or at least so goes the moral lack-of-structure of the group. Which lack-of-structure is my precise criticism of the Seven Principles.

These two things do interrelate, but I need to get my ass out the door and get busy, so I'll have to leave figuring out the interrelation for another time.